The Science and Education Committee of the AMNS-ISPO is pleased to announce that the 2017 ANMS-ISPO Research Grant has been awarded to Mark Taylor, Rami Al-Dirini, Saulo Martelli, John Nisyrios and Sally Cavenett from Flinders University of South Australia. This team has received $20,000 for a year to work of a project about closing the loop for the next-generation of prosthetic socket design using biomechanical computational models.

The committee has been utterly impressed by the unprecedented breadth and quality of applications submitted by 38 investigators from 21 research or clinical organisations in Australia. All grants were ranked using the scoring system as presented in the information for application.  All applicants received detailed feedback from the reviewers.

More about 2017 ANMS-ISPO Research Grant

The top-ranked applications were so competitive that the Executive Committee of the ANMS-ISPO has initiated to create a 2017 ANMS-ISPO Encouragement Award provided the second best ranked application presented by Lauren Kark, Gangadhara Rajan, Lucy Armitage and Ginu Prusty from the University of the New South Wales. This team has received $10,000 for a year to work of a project about clinical utility of a novel residuum-socket interface sensor for normal and shear stress measurement.

More about 2017 ANMS-ISPO Encouragement Award

We would like to thanks all the applicants for considering this grant and wish them best on luck for their projects.

We will post regularly the progresses made by the recipients of the 2017 ANMS-ISPO Research Grant and Encouragement Award!