In 2015, ISPO International launched a new initiative – #ISPOWER.

ISPO Australia are fully behind this initiative and encourage all members to get online, and consider how they might contribute to the following aims:

  • Raise public and decision makers’ awareness of the importance of P&0 and assistive health technologies (AHT) to transform the lives of persons with impaired mobility and integrate them into society.
  • Create a global movement around improved access and provide a central platform around which all local and national players can build.
  • Promote the independence and empowerment of people with impaired mobility through actions which support equal access to pursuing education, professional ambitions and social activities.
  • Develop a more contemporary image of P&O through telling personal, human stories of users – both success stories, and stories of adversary – to present the issues of P&O and mobility device usage in a more understandable and connecting way.
  • Use the power of social media to magnify and spread the #ISPOWER messages