The Outreach committee aims to promote Prosthetics and Orthotics education and service delivery for low-resource settings across the Pacific Island region.

We provide support in the development of prosthetic/orthotic and physical rehabilitation services. We do this through providing recommendations, feedback and planning advice to governments, other NGO’s, practitioners and consumers.  We aim to build partnerships with local and allied organisations aiming at strengthening our position in the region, and our ability to improve the access of people with disabilities to prosthetic and orthotic services.

We meet regularly to plan and discuss our activities which may at any point in time involve: finalising logistics of the newly built prosthetic and orthotic workshop in Kiribati, planning education strategies for Samoa, addressing the lack of prosthetic & orthotic services in Vanuatu and liaising with other NGO’s to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

We are comprised of experienced health professionals committed to improving the accessibility of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility services across the Pacific Region.

The committee is entirely made up of volunteers.

The current and previous projects are detailed in these pages. If you would like further information, please contact