The destruction of the building put a halt to prosthetics & orthotics services. Clients whom had undergone an amputation after the date of the fire were put on a waitlist for a prosthesis.

The TRS team enlisted help from it’s partners to respond to the fire; ISPO ANMS and Motivation Australia partnered to collect and ship donated materials and equipment from Australia necessary to resume services.

In November 2013, ISPO ANMS sent volunteer orthotist Richard Dyson-Holland to help set up a temporary workshop with the donated machinery and equipment. The design of the temporary workshop allowed for fabrication of foot orthoses and modification of footwear. The machinery and equipment installed could be later used as equipment for outreach services. The TRS still however could not fabricate lower limb prostheses; a more comprehensive workshop and workspace would be required.

Further to assisting the installation of the temporary workshop, the volunteer orthotist provided training around the orthotic offloading of foot ulcers, implementing a pilot of educational resources developed by Motivation Australia.


RDH in action
Richard Dyson-Holland demonstrating a foot casting technique during the implementation of the “Keep Moving” pilot designed by Motivation Australia
Lee Brentnall (Motivation Australia), Taukoriri Tibiriano (Physiotherapist TRS) and Richard Dyson-Holland (ISPO Australia) enjoying Kiribati